JCA Arts Marketing

Leverage your data to increase ROI.

Stimulate Revenue and Intensify Engagement

JCA Arts Marketing helps arts & cultural organizations maximize income and increase attendance through data-enriched, collaborative, strategic and technical solutions. Using a powerful blend of data analysis and strategic communications planning, our consultants dramatically increase ROI for clients across North America. We help you better understand your customers, and engage them with precision marketing using strategies inspired by your transactional data. 

JCA Arts Marketing consultants, experts at industry-specific data analysis and strategic marketing, provide ground-breaking tools and services to help you raise more revenue, build loyalty, and stimulate repeat attendance and donations.

Consulting Offerings

Pricing Consulting

Formerly doing business as The Pricing Institute, we advised hundreds of cultural organizations of all sizes, and across all genres, on pricing strategy and analysis . We're experts in strategic pricing, including house re-scaling, discounting, and setting single-ticket and subscription prices.

Customer Behavior Analysis

The best way to understand, change and evaluate your customers is through a deep understanding of their transactional behavior. Using data taken directly from your CRM system, JCA Arts Marketing creates complete customer profiles, including: 

The answers to these questions can be found by analyzing the data in your CRM system to determine the patterns and trends of your patron behavior. We collaborate with your team to understand the unique history of your organization, performances, programs and membership. We develop data-driven insights to help your organization meet your strategic goals ... developing new audiences, enhancing revenue, planning sales for new repertoire, and more.

CRM Readiness Assessment

What customer experience does your organization want to offer your patrons? Through a forthright and collaborative analysis of your platform, processes and people, we help you develop a roadmap to instill a CRM culture within your organization. You'll consider the complete customer experience - from the moment a patron becomes aware of your organization to leaving the garage after a performance.

Our approach includes a CRM/customer experience workshop, an analysis of your current approach to the customer experience, and a look at how you use data to enhance and elevate the patron experience. 

Technical Solutions

Segmentation Engine

The Segmentation Engine, jointly developed by JCA and UK-based Baker-Richards, is a new web application that simplifies complex database queries, allowing users to create a sophisticated customer segmentation, and improve accuracy of marketing communications and effectiveness of CRM strategy.

The Segmentation Engine extracts transaction data (not including personal details) to a secure server, and provides a web interface allowing you to:


Revenue Management Application (RMA)

The Revenue Management Application (RMA), jointly developed by JCA and UK-based Baker-Richards, is the first and only integrated pricing application that gives arts organizations real-time insights into revenue forecasting, pricing strategy, and dynamic pricing. We'll help you realize your investment many times over.

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