Artifax Event

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Need to streamline your event operations?

Artifax Event is software for performing arts, museums, and other venues to streamline events, bookings, and their related resources. From planning and calendaring, through to billing and reporting, Artifax Event plus JCA consulting will bring your venue to peak efficiency.

A cloud-based solution, Artifax contains tools to manage the complete event life cycle. Artifax Event makes venue planning a breeze for:


“By centralizing artist and event info in Artifax, we have been able to streamline the flow of information between our Programming and Production staff in a way that was previously inconceivable here!

JCA is always there for us, whether we need information, technical support—or just a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. They are key members of the team that keeps Artifax running smoothly at Harbourfront Centre.”

~ Sarah Gillett, Applications Specialist, Harbourfront Centre


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Streamline your events, bookings, and related resources

Drive revenue

Pre-built and custom reports allow you to identify trends, determine where your venue can make more profit, and streamline operations to maximize revenue. Stop wondering and start managing effectively with Artifax Event.

With Artifax, you can:

  • Streamline operations at your venue
  • Remove mystery and confusion around event details
  • Bill your clients with confidence, knowing your system contains all related expenses
  • Notify all departments—in real time—of changes to events and tours
  • Visualize how tours and events overlap each other
  • Restrict access to keep your event data secure
Artifax Event fits into your management eco-system

Artifax comes with a powerful, open application program interface (API) that enables integration with CRM, ticketing, email, and finance systems. Organizations across North America use Artifax Event with different CRM systems. JCA offers a pre-built synchronization tool for Tessitura, and can build an integration for your systems.

Is Artifax right for you?

Developed in the UK in 1986 through collaboration with arts organizations, Artifax Event has transformed the venue operations of hundreds of organizations worldwide. JCA, authorized distributor of Artifax in North America, can help you decide if Artifax is a good investment for you. We’ll develop a custom plan for installation, configuration, training, and business process analysis, and show you how to create the reports your organization finds most helpful.

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