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Rock Star of the Month (April 2018) - Elizabeth Magalski

It’s been two weeks since we last named a JCA Rock Star so, in our bid to catch up from the winter’s Rock Star hiatus, we are naming our next JCA Rock Star! This latest Rock Star hails from our Chicago office, and lives in Chicago, too! (Hints #1 and #2 if you haven’t already cast your eyes lower on the page…)  She (hint #3) is a recent magna cum laude graduate of Loyola University’s business school (hint #4).  Any ideas yet?  Well, time to spill the beans and name Elizabeth Magalski as our latest JCA Rock Star!

Elizabeth is a total marketing Rock Star. She has great business acumen and knowledge of digital marketing, and it shows. Her efforts have made a huge difference in our Answers, and Artifax campaigns. She drastically improved the effectiveness of our Google AdWords, and assured a timely and quality launch of our Answers and Artifax campaigns.

Her work is top-notch—she delivers all marketing materials on time and with excellence. Similarly, she always gives helpful suggestions or ideas when needing to solve a challenge around the performance of a campaign or the promotion of our products/services. If she is new to a platform she jumps in and educates herself quickly. I have received several comments from people with whom she has worked about the high quality of her work. (Thank you, Andrea, Anne, Michael for your input!)

From one of Elizabeth’s colleagues, I received this quote: “She is very smart and prompt in her delivery of drafts and edits of copy and is a delight to work with. I think she deserves a basket of puppies!”

Please join me in congratulating Elizabeth as our latest JCA Rock Star!