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Fundraising Checklist: Finish the year strong

Be honest—after last year-end’s mad rush with donors, did you promise that 2018 was going to be different? Considering Giving Tuesday is now coming up quickly, chances are this year has gone as quickly as you’d feared.  

JCA is here to help your nonprofit to meet your organizational goals—and you to meet your personal goals!  Let’s get your database and processes in place to capitalize on the most charitable time of the year. 

Now is not the time for major overhaul, but here’s a checklist of things to do in these next few weeks:

Is your donor data clean and for maximum efficiency?

  • Refresh NCOA before year-end mailings.
  • Update records with most current info using data enrichment services.
  • Reduce waste and cost by evaluating errors in your data and finally getting around to that pile of returned direct mail pieces.
  • Reconnect with lost donors—have any segments slipped through the cracks?

Are you sending the right message to the right donors at the right time?

  • Analyze your data to find the key dimensions of your audience—what are the most effective ways to segment the donors in your database? Create those cohorts now, and have them ready for your Giving Tuesday communications.
  • Get industry best practices (hey, you’re off to a great start by reading this!) and a fresh perspective on your communications strategy.
  • Be smart and data-forward with choosing the “right time” to send a message. Spend time reviewing the data you have and researching benchmarks to discover when your audience is most likely to engage.

Are your team’s procedures aligned with your fundraising system?

  • Listen to the team! What colleagues complain about when socializing are opportunities for improvement.
  • Remember that your team’s alignment leads to more efficient operations and a better donor experience in the end—don’t skip opportunities to join the roundtable.
  • Get the training you need. What part of your process is taking longer than it should, and who can help you return to maximum efficiency?

Already too busy to even think about this year-end? Don’t hire temps that will sap more resources, use our experienced fundraisers with knowledge of your systems. Everybody needs help with:

  • Year-end tax letters
  • Pay roll deduction or monthly contribution letters
  • Annual donor statements

…and JCA knows exactly how to help. Make the year-end count—give us a call.


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