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Case Study: How the Team at Legacy Health Optimized their Time for More Robust Data

We’re all familiar with data management processes that feel overly manual—and not all can be fixed with a quick web search for the applicable solution. Transferring data from one database to another, while trying to monitor and clean the data in the process, is a near-incomprehensible task that motivated Spencer Lassen, Senior Systems Consultant at Legacy Health, to contact us. As if the manual, clunky process wasn’t difficult enough, it also included some major HIPAA compliance regulation.

Our data customization work for Legacy Health began with a detailed understanding of Spencer’s routine: he exported data from the health system’s patient database, and moved it to the Blackbaud CRM, the Office of Philanthropy’s donor database. With unmatched data fields to merge and sensitive information to abandon, the process often took hours every day.

JCA began the solution by extracting and formatting new data from the patient database nightly. It matched constituent information between the databases, found existing constituents in Blackbaud CRM to avoid the duplication of records, and created new records as needed. The data was then accessible using custom forms in Legacy’s CRM. The “Patient Summary” form displayed a grid view of a single patient’s visits with links to each individual visit in the new “Patient Detail” form. The patient visit data was also available from the physician’s record in the CRM using the new “Physician Summary” form.

Ultimately, our client was looking for help with a business case: he was spending too much time doing manual and clunky work—often creating more work for himself in the process—and had no way of locking down information and specifying accessibility and usability. By understanding his requirements, our customizations were able to improve these conditions and trim the excess.

“The patient data customization created by JCA drastically reduced the amount of staff time involved in processing data on a daily basis and provides great front end tools allowing fundraising staff to easily access and navigate these records,” said Spencer. “We have much more robust data than was previously available and have great query tools allowing data staff to provide more nuanced analysis of our patient population.”

Rid your work day of tiresome data management and make the smart choice for long-term data process improvement. Contact us.