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Ask Me Anything: Surprise and Delight

Ask Me Anything Question

"It seems like so many efforts to keep subscribers happy ("surprise & delight") are way out of our budget. Any tips for a low-cost, high-delight surprise to help us keep up?"

Tony Lance’s Answer

You don’t have to break the bank to impress your subscribers. Something as simple as a thank you note taped to your subscriber’s chair or a printed insert in the program with the names of loyal subscribers in the house at that performance recognizes loyalty and shows you care.

I’ve been a subscriber of the New York Philharmonic for a few years. Every now and then, they like to honor subscribers with various gifts or notes as thanks for subscribing. They’ve given out magnets, subway card holders, signed thank you notes from symphony members, and even freshly cut roses. This past season, I attended a concert at which they were recognizing long-time subscribers. I was honored to see my name in the program alongside decades of seasoned subscribers. There was no accompanying gift, but the pride I felt in being recognized as a loyal audience member was more valuable to me than any souvenir or grand gesture.

The point of “surprise and delight” isn’t necessarily to wow with extravagance. It simply needs to show that you think and care about your audience, valuing their loyalty and patronage with personal attention. Call out a subscriber on Instagram with a tag, retweet a positive review from a single ticket buyer, or throw in a complimentary drink voucher in a ticket envelope to a lapsed subscriber who has returned. Whatever you do, remember: “it’s the thought that counts.”

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Tony Lance, Consultant, JCA Arts Marketing

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