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Ask Me Anything: List Trades

Ask Me Anything Question

Other arts organizations in our community request list trades from us pretty regularly, and we’re pretty open to doing it. Is there a reason we shouldn’t be though?

Timmy's Answer

The short answer: No.

The philosophical answer: No, because when the tide rises, it lifts all boats.

The longer answer: No, but give due attention to the ways that your organization can best leverage your list trades. For example, consider following the growing trend of transparency. Your prospects aren’t unlikely to know how a list trade works, and they might appreciate a little candor. “We work closely with xyz and they gave us your name because you love ballet and so do we” or similar language could be effective.

But in the end, we strongly encourage you to forget this notion that you, or a neighboring organization, could “own” the name in the first place. As long as you and they are sharing equitably, then we can’t think of a reason not to take advantage.

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Timmy Metzner, Senior Consultant

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