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Arts Marketing Against Sanity – RESULTS!

Last week, we introduced a new game for our colleagues—Arts Marketing Against Sanity! We gave you three prompts, with five answers each, and you voted on your favorite answers.

Here are the winners...


We feel your pain—budgets should be aspirational, but sometimes they are just downright hyperbolic. The way to get around this is to dig into the data and give management realistic projections to use when setting budgets. Here are a couple AMAs that will give you tips on setting accurate projections:


Subscriber rates have been trending down nationally since 2001. Eventually, it is inevitable that subscribers will move on from your organization for one reason or another—and you have to find a way to replace them. The best way to do that is to shop in your closet and find the best prospects for subscription in your database. Here are a few AMAs that explore how to find your best potential subscribers:


It was a tie for this prompt. However, both of these answers are related to patron experience. This goes back to our thesis that the experience of attending your organization is almost as important to the patron as the art on stage. Here are a couple blog posts that relate to patron experience:

Thanks for playing the game! Stay tuned for more questions soon...